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Health & Safety

Health & safety: a top priority for PORR S.A.

Safety first: this is the foundation of all our activities here at PORR S.A. Not only are we focused on preventing accidents, we also actively work to promote the health of our employees. For us, this is self-evident. We know that physical and mental well-being is the foundation of our shared success. 

Our goal is clear: zero accidents.

PORR S.A. consciously takes full responsibility for the safety of its employees and for the environment. This awareness has a decisive influence on the way we work and the decisions we make; we strive to build in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. 

To us, the target of zero accidents is both our top priority and our greatest challenge.

Therefore, we have been implementing new working standards and technical solutions over many years. Despite the effort and complexity involved, we believe that our determined, systematic approach to building a culture of safety and environmental protection delivers results every day - in the safety and health of our employees. 

Awareness among our employees largely comes from the resolute approach of the Executive Board of PORR S.A. and our active safety management work. Construction site visits are not just inspections: in fact, they are more like specialist consultations relating to occupational safety, workplace hygiene and environmental protection. Precisely tailored, proactive training sessions and the introduction of high equipment standards (e.g. a regulation making it mandatory to wear protective goggles on construction sites at all times, or supplying helmets with chin straps as standard) are important elements of our uncompromising safety culture.

Our ethics are based on straightforward, uniform and comprehensible principles and working methods that emphasise security and environmental protection. Our culture of safety strategy at PORR is based on the Bradley Curve.

Despite challenging circumstances, our activities in the areas of occupational safety, workplace hygiene and environmental protection are worth every effort.

We are implementing our Vision Zero campaign at PORR. It is based on seven ‘golden rules’ that are indispensable for any company hoping to develop.

Positive results have encouraged us to press ahead – going beyond fostering and reinforcing a culture of safety within our company. Our aim is to have a positive impact on safety in the Polish construction industry as a whole. This is why we, as a founding member, are actively involved in the Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry (Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie). The twelve largest construction firms in Poland have signed up to this initiative. Our shared objective is to reduce the damning statistics for accidents in the construction industry. This work has already delivered measurable results. 

Members of the agreement host an annual Safety Week, the largest project to promote occupational safety and workplace hygiene in Europe. First-aid training sessions, firefighting drills, ergonomics workshops, podological consultations, identifying protective measures, and events for children and young people are just a few examples of this unique initiative, which brings together people from within and outside the construction industry.

Active environmental protection is an intrinsic aspect of our work. By building structures, we intervene in and shape the world around us. So the heart of our strategy is to minimise our environmental impact as far as possible in every phase of the construction process. Our success comes from our awareness of the problem facing us and the systematic, resolute approach we apply – from simple waste separation through to investments in state-of-the-art technologies.