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PORR will raise buildings at 23 Kościelna Street

Warsaw, 8.02.2021 - PORR S.A. signed a contract with Constructa Plus for the implementation of the building construction project called ‘Kościelna 23’. Within 20 months, in Poznań’s Kościelna Street, two mixed-use buildings will rise which were designed for residential, retail and commercial purposes and cover a total area of 34,000 square metres.
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Tunnel boring in Świnoujście is drawing near

Warsaw, 13.01.2021 – Since December 2020, on Uznam Island works for the assembly of the TBM machine (Tunnel Boring Machine), which is going to drill a tunnel in Świnoujście, have been in progress. In the launching shaft, the soil processing TBM boring head has already been installed. The progress of machine assembly works stands at ca. 65%. This March, as soon as the works are completed, the TBM…
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