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Press release

PORR S.A. will modernise railway line LK 207 Toruń - Chełmża

Warsaw, 18.03.2020 - PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe and PORR S.A. have signed a contract for the design and revitalisation of railway line no. 207 between Toruń East and Chełmża. The net contract volume amounts to more than 139 million Polish zlotys (ca. EUR 31 m). The task will be completed within 26 months.

191010 Kolej

While modernising railway line LK 207, 16 railway switches will be developed, furthremore 15 culverts will be built and refurbished. Access roads will be reconstructed, on 16 crossings slabs will be replaced and 3 crossings will be dismantled. It is planned to build new railway stop Toruń Mokre and modernise three others. The accessibility of railway stops will be improved – staircases and ramps will be built. The task also comprises the dismantlement of two buildings located within the modernised section, one of them is the watchtower.  

The scope of works covers track surface replacement works along a section of ca. 20 kilometres, reinforcing the railway subgrade and embankment foundation, as well as drainage works. The contract also stipulates the execution of power engineering and telecommunication works as well as the modernisation of the railway traffic control system.

„The contract for modernising railway line LK 207 is the second railway contract, following LK 351, acquired in the 1st quarter of 2020. Both sections are of strategic importance for the transport of passengers and goods, therefore, being the contractor, we feel even greater satisfaction. Successful acquisitions also confirm our strong position on the Polish railway market, which is one of our goals for this and the next years”, said Mr. Siegfried Weindok, member of PORR S.A.’s management board and head of the railway construction section.

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Type of project:

Revitalisation of railway line no. 207 in the section Toruń East – Chełmża

Scope of works:Design & Build
Client:PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
Contractor:PORR S.A.
Time of execution:26 months

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Milena IovevaCompany Spokesperson