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Press release

Services Centre „Mulnik” - PORR S.A.’s new investment projected in Świnoujście

Warsaw, 8.04.2020 – PORR S.A. signed a contract with the City of Świnoujście and ZWIK Świnoujście for the revitalisation of a post-military area on the island of Uznam. The task will be completed within two years. It will be the first stage of the investment projects under which an economic activity zone will be established in Świnoujście under the name Services Centre „Mulnik”. The contract volume amounts to PLN 29 m (ca. EUR 6 m).

200408 Mulnik copy UM Świnoujście

Visualisation of the Services Centre „Mulnik” in Świnoujście (©UM Świnoujście)

Under the project a post-military area of 5,5 ha will be cleared of dangerous items and degraded buildings, and subsequently developed. Within the borders of the future CU „Mulnik” internal roads with a drainage system and lighting will be built, as well as cycle routes, sidewalks, bus bays, parking spaces for passenger cars and trucks. The task covers the construction of water and sewage systems, telecommunication networks and power grids.

On the premises of the abandoned military base an economic zone will emerge which addresses the needs of local entrepreneurs with a broad business profile. The local spatial development plan for that area allows to locate there service, production, storage, stockpiling, office and administrative as well as port facilities.

The prospective CU „Mulnik” is located in the driveway and the exit road of Karsibór ferries, and a tunnel in the future. Moreover, the eastern bypass of Świnoujście will improve the accessibility of industrial areas on Mulnik. PORR S.A. is in carge of both of these urban investments projects – the passage under the river Świna and the bypass.

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Type of project:Revitalisation of post-military areas for the purpose of establishing the services centre „Mulnik” in Świnoujście
Scope of works:Build
Client:The Municipality of the City of Świnoujście
Contractor:PORR S.A.
Time of execution:20 months

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Milena IovevaCompany Spokesperson