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PORR S.A. will upgrade DK18 to meet motorway parameters

Warsaw, 24.04.2020 – The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways and PORR S.A. signed a contract for the reconstruction and upgrade of a nearly 12-km long section of national road no. 18 to meet motorway parameters. The section to be modernized starts at the Polish-German border and finishes behind the interchange Żary Zachów in the lubuskie voivodeship. The gross contract volume amounts to PLN 185 m (ca. EUR 41 m). The task will be executed over a period of 36 months.

National road no 18 will be adjusted to meet motorway parameters


Under the signed contract, PORR will design and extend national road DK18 to meet motorway parameters along the section which begins at the state border, behind the bridge across Nysa Łużycka, together with interchange Olszyna, and leads to km 11,860 (2 km behind interchange Żary Zachód). The scope of works covers the demolition of the existing road and construction of a new one with a concrete (88%) and asphalt (12%) pavement, the construction of engineering structures along and above the renovated road, the execution of excavation pits and embankments, as well as works in the line of power engineering, IT & Telecommunications and water and sewage systems.

The design and construction works are expected to take 36 months (the winter periods from 15th December until 15th March excluded). Works on the design are already in progress, the construction site will be handed over in the first half of May, whereas road construction works will start this July. According to the plan, works will be completed in the second half-year of 2023.

The task awarded to PORR is yet another stage of the investment project for adjusting the 70-km long section of DK18 from Olszyna to Golnice to meet motorway standards. The first A18 motorway construction stage consisted in the construction of the northern roadway which is currently in service.

„Despite the difficult situation related to the pandemic, we do not slow down in any field of our activity. This is best evidenced by our new acquired contracts. The contract for constructing the A18 motorway is particularly pleasing, because we know how long people have been waiting for it. The longest staircase in Europe will soon go down in history”, said PORR S.A. CEO Piotr Kledzik.

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Project type:Reconstruction and adjustment of a ca. 12-km long section of DK18 to meet motorway parameters
Scope of works:Design & Build
Client:General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways
Contractor:PORR S.A.
Execution time:36 months

In case of questions please contact:

Milena Ioveva
Corporate Spokesperson
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Media Relations Specialist
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