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Press release

PORR will modernize the route of the Poznań Fast Tram

Warsaw, 4.07.2022 - MPK Poznań has selected PORR as the contractor for the renovation of the Poznań Fast Tram (PST) route from Roosevelta Street to the Słowiańska stop. The scope of the project includes a comprehensive upgrade of the track - replacing rails, sleepers and ballast. The Build contract will be completed in six months.

From left to right: Piotr Sawicki (Regional Director, PORR S.A.), Siegfried Weindok (Member of the Board, PORR S.A.), Krzysztof Dostatni (President of MPK Poznań Sp. z o.o.) © PORR S.A.

First, PORR will complete the necessary documentation and permits so that work can then begin on the ground. They will begin in the middle of the vacations and will last a maximum of six months.

"A number of innovative solutions not previously used on Poznań trackways will be used. Plastic sleepers will be installed on curves where wooden sleepers were previously, and concrete sleepers with so-called polyurethane gels will be installed on straight sections. These solutions will extend the life of the route and reduce vibrations," says Marek Grzybowski, vice president of MPK Poznań's Technical Management Board. "New insulation will be provided to the ballast troughs on the Bogdanka flyover and the overpass over Poznańska Street. They will also be lined with vibration isolation mats, which will result in better protection of the facilities."

"PORR S.A., as the contractor for the modernization of the PST route, is aware that it is the backbone of Poznan's transportation system. Therefore, the key challenge will be to efficiently organize the work in order to meet the expected deadlines, so that residents of the capital of Greater Poland can use this efficient means of transportation again as soon as possible. At the same time, this contract has a symbolic dimension for us. PORR has been a major contractor in the rail investment market in Poland for more than a decade, while this project is the first we have carried out for the streetcar industry. We are convinced that it will not only be an opportunity to broaden our experience, but will also allow us to enter a new and promising area of investment," says Siegfried Weindok, member of the board, director of the Rail Division at PORR S.A.


Facts and figures in a nutshell

Project type: Renovation of the Poznań Fast Tram route 
Scope of works: Build
Client: MPK Poznań Sp. z o.o.
Contractor: PORR S.A. 
Contract value: PLN 14,9 million net 
Time for execution: 6 months

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