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Press release

Strykowo’s ringroad goes to PORR

Warsaw, 26.10.2021 – The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways and PORR S.A. signed a contract for the design and construction of Strykowo’s ring road (wielkopolskie voivodeship) along the route of national road DK32. The contract is worth almost PLN 66 million. The task will be completed within 30 months.


Under the contract, PORR will design, obtain the required administrative decisions and build an over 3 km long ring road. After signing the contract, the contractor has 30 months to perform the contractual tasks. The time provided for the execution of construction works does not include winter periods (from 16th December until 15th March).

Strykowo’s ring road will pass through the southern part of the village and it will intersect with the existing national road no. 32 at roundabouts. The investment project will allow to divert away from the village transit traffic, which increased after opening a stretch of the S5 express road with an interchange in Staszewo. Putting the ring road into operation will have a positive impact on the safety of the residents, relieve traffic congestion and increase traffic capacity in the village.

Signing the contract means starting execution on the fourth out of eight ring roads to be built in wielkopolskie voisvodship under the government’s 100 ring road construction programme.

Facts and figures in a nutshell:

Project type: Design and construction of Strykowo’s ring road  
Scope of works: Design & Build 
Client: GDDKiA
Contractor: PORR S.A.
Contract value: Ca. PLN 65,631 m (EUR 14,3 m)
Time of execution: 30 months 

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