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Press release

PORR S.A. to complete roadworks on the Wałcz ring road

Warsaw, 1.06.2020 – PORR S.A. and the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways signed a contract for completing the construction of the Wałcz ring road running along the S10 express road. The contract provides for finalizing road works on the main, almost 18-km long route. The task will be executed within 5 months. The gross contract value is about PLN 87.3 m (EUR 19.8 m).

Roadworks on the Wałcz ring road will be completed by PORR © PORR

As part of the task, PORR will finish construction works within the main route of the Wałcz ring road in the section running from km 0+020,00 to km 17+805,23. The task mainly consists in executing the missing structural road pavement courses, 93 000 t of mineral-asphalt mixes included. Besides asphalt works, the dewatering system of the road prism and finishing works on engineering structures have to be completed.

PORR has commited itself to shorten the time of task execution. All the works provided for in the contract will be performed over a period of 5 months. They will start within 7 days as of handing over the construction site.

The tender won by PORR is one out of six procedures for the Wałcz ring road announced by GDDKiA. The remaining, already announced tenders refer to the completion of bridge structures crossing the main route perpendicularly, roadworks on interchanges, road safety items, the execution of a service duct and the developmet of lands adjacent to the road.

GDDKiA has announced, that all works on the Wałcz ring road will have been finished by the end of 2020. Having made it available to drivers, the nearly 18-km long ring road will have the parameters of a dual carriageway express road with 4 road interchanges – Wałcz Zachód, Wałcz Północ, Wałcz Wschód, Witankowo. The ring road will keep traffic away from Wałcz directing it to the north of the town. 

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Project type: Construction of the Wałcz ring road running along the S10 express road – finalizing works on the main route in the section from km -0 +020,00 to km 17+805,23
Scope of works: Build
Client: General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways
Contractor: PORR S.A. 
Execution time: 5 months

In case of questions please contact:

Mateusz Gdowski
Corporate Spokesperson
M +48 606 808 809


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