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Press release

PORR will build housing estate “Osiedle Kościuszki” in Chorzów

Warsaw, 25.06.2021 - Chorzów Development (a subsidiary of J.W. Construction Holding) selected PORR S.A. as contractor of a residential investment project in Chorzów. The "Osiedle Kościuszki" housing estate will be erected in two stages and a total of 256 flats will be put into use. Construction works will finish in the middle of 2023. A contract has been signed for an amount of more than PLN 60 m.

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The task assigned to PORR covers the construction of a residential estate with service outlets consisting of six buildings: one with six and another one with seven storeys as well as four smaller ones with a central communication shaft. During the first stage, the two taller buildings will rise, holding all in all 110 flats. Next, in the second stage, the remaining four buildings with 146 flats will be built. On the premises of the housing estate, a car park will be available above ground, as well as a garage located underground. PORR is also responsible for the construction of the housing estate’s outdoor infrastructure, which includes internal roads, the estate’s playground and a utility yard.

The full scope of services under the contract will be completed by the middle of 2023. The investment project’s occupancy permit will be issued in June 2023.


Facts and figures in a nutshell:

Project type:Construction of “Osiedle Kościuszki” housing estate in Chorzów                                                                                          
Scope of works:Build
Client:Chorzów Development (J.W. Construction Holding S.A.)
Contractor:PORR S.A.
Gross contract value:PLN 60 m
Time of completion:June 2023

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