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Press release

PORR will raise buildings at 23 Kościelna Street

Warsaw, 8.02.2021 - PORR S.A. signed a contract with Constructa Plus for the implementation of the building construction project called ‘Kościelna 23’. Within 20 months, in Poznań’s Kościelna Street, two mixed-use buildings will rise which were designed for residential, retail and commercial purposes and cover a total area of 34,000 square metres.

210211 Kos cielna copy Constructa Plus

Kościelna 23 ©Constructa Plus

Kościelna 23 is the name of the residential investment project taking shape at 23 and 25 Kościelna Street in Poznań, at the junction of Stare and Nowe Jeżyce. Under the agreement entrusted to PORR two buildings will be erected, one with six and the other with seven storeys above ground, which house more than 200 flats. Kościelna 23 will be connected by a common, two-level underground garage with approximately 270 parking spaces and racks for 240 bicycles. The buildings’ ground floor will be developed to accommodate 17 commercial and retail units. 

Continued cooperation

Constructa Plus’ latest residential investment project is yet another project executed in cooperation with PORR. In October 2019, PORR finished the developer’s contract for the reconstruction of the tenement house ‘Żelazko’. The project won multiple prestigious distinctions, among others the title TOP Builder 2020 and the 2019 Giovanni Battista di Quadro Award.

Facts and figures in a nutshell 

Project type:Construction of a complex of buildings designed for residential, commercial and retail purposes with an underground garage called Kościelna 23
Scope of works:Build 
Client:Constructa Plus 
Contractor:PORR S.A.
Time of completion:20 months 

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