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Le Palais Office

Photo: Le Palais Office: Diagonal view of the perfectly restored Neo-Renaissance façades
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Polska Construction S.A.
PrincipalWARIMPEX Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG
LocationWarsaw - Poland
Type Revitalisation
Runtime04.2011 - 01.2013

A ruin turned into a gem

In its function as a general contractor, PORR was responsible for the exemplary revitalisation of two tenant buildings in Warsaw which had become a little long in the tooth and converted them into a highly modern office building. The two buildings built around the end of the 19th century in the style of the Neo-Renaissance had not been lived in since the 1990s and had become increasingly derelict. After comprehensive conversion and expansion work lasting some 18 months, they are now used by consulting, financial and legal firms. One significant element characterising the revitalisation efforts was the loving restoration of the historical basic building fabric and equipment, combined with contemporary architecture as well as building and office technology. Now, not only do the richly structured façades shine in new splendour, but so do the stucco and the painting of the interior. Furthermore, the railings, grids and door handles were reconstructed down to every detail. One of Le Palais’ modern attractions is a timber terrace with planted ceiling providing breathtaking views of the opposite side of Próżna street and the renewed Grzybowski square.

The conversion of a structure ready for demolition into a bourgeois Palace was not only a technically interesting project but also represents an important reference project for PORR in Poland. In the course of a competition staged by the Polish Building Engineers’ and Technicians’ Association together with the Infrastructure Ministry and the Department of Building Supervision, the building was awarded “Best Structure of 2012” in the 1st category.