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Technical Base & Laboratory

A solid foundation is a key factor in our success.

Technical Base is an independent, specialist unit equipped with state-of-the-art technology, located at domestic and international construction sites operated by PORR S.A. Its wide-ranging service portfolio includes high-quality bitumen and concrete mixes, which are also produced for foreign employers. Other services include organisational support in setting up construction sites and complex steel constructions for our own projects. Compliance with international environmental, labour and occupational health and safety standards is a fundamental requirement.

Asphalt mixtures are produced based on European factory testing requirements. We produce mixes and concretes in close collaboration with PORR’s Technical Lab. Once again, the foundation for the high quality of our Technical Base is formed by our specialist engineers and craftsmen.

Quality provides security.

Our company’s competitive standing is the result of the outstanding quality of our services. Our highly professional and well-organised in-house lab is a significant factor in this success. In the lab, we work according to an integrated management system (occupational health and safety, environmental protection, quality) in compliance with the following standards: PN-N 18001 / OHSAS18001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 / AQAP2120. Our company is currently in the process of obtaining certification that our processes conform to standard PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025.

Our in-house laboratory is specialised in the research and development of asphalt mixes, concrete mixes, soils and aggregates for infrastructure projects, road construction, building construction and geotechnical engineering. In addition to our central laboratory in Warsaw, our specialised employees also have access to local labs organised as part of specific projects as well as mobile lab units.

Your contact for Technical Base & Labs.

Technical Base & Labs
Jolanta Kaspryk Managing Director of Technical Base