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The PORR Group works with suppliers and uses materials and services with a total value of several billion Euro annually. The common goal: Procurement at the best price and the best quality. While always upholding the PORR principles related to ethics, society and the environment. In Poland, the Procurement office is responsible for purchases in cooperation with construction sites.

Read more about procurement on the PORR Group website.

The purpose of the Procurement office is to create added value for PORR S.A. and its clients by implementing the company’s policy, in particular strategic cost an business risk management based on experts procurement knowledge and conscious developing of commercial relations with contractors.

Procurement in PORR S.A.

The Procurement office is a central unit that supports all construction departments - Infrastructure, Railway, Industry and Building. The Procurement team coordinates all procurement processes and cooperates with other companies within PORR Group in Poland and its business partners.

Our conditions of procurement

Our principles

Your contacts for Procurement in PORR S.A.

Procurement Office Dominika Żwirbla-Kalman Procurement Director
Lead Buyer Department Przemysław Pietrzak Department Director
Regional Buyers Department Urszula Helwich Department Director
General Purchase & Analysis Department Magdalena Mroczkowska Department Manager

Lead Buyer Department

Information & contacts

Lead Buyers are responsible for purchases within the supervised categories.

Agnieszka Zając Team Manager
Daria Kijak
Artur Rakowski
Alicja Gawinowska-Tobola
Robert Klimczak Team Leader
Paulina Cegiełka reinforcing steel, formwork, scaffolding, plywood and sawn building timber
Katarzyna Turek formwork, scaffolding, plywood, and sawn building timber
Sebastian Dąbkowski steel structures

Other categories Team (facade works, elevators, concret and binders)

Regional Procurement

Information & contacts

Regional Buyers are responsible for purchases on projects in cooperation with the construction site and Lead Buyers.

infrastructure Jacek Młodzianowski Team Manager
general construction Kamila Labak
general construction Zofia Szczypińska
infrastructure Marta Górska
industry Maciej Bednarczyk
general construction Agata Zasada Team Manager
general construction Piotr Grodzki
general construction Jarosław Dobrzański
general construction Danuta Kałużna Team Manager
general construction Agnieszka Zielińska
general construction Dawid Borkowski
infrastructure Daria Narovlianska
infrastructure Marta Schab
infrastructure Artur Lewandowski
general construction Wojciech Kucza Team Manager
railway Ewa Choińska-Żabińska
infrastructure Marek Chojnowski Team Manager
general construction Aneta Jach-Kołaczew
Magdalena Waśniewska
industry Roger Gołombek Team Manager
industry Stanisław Rucki
industry Magdalena Białorucka
industry Mateusz Ofiarski
industry Jakub Lis

General Purchases & Analysis Department

indirect purchases Agnieszka Cholewińska