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Data Center

Future under construction.

In recent years, Poland has joined the ranks of the most attractive locations for new data centres. This type of investment is favoured not only by the climate or land prices but above all by the group of contractors that are prepared to carry out such projects, with PORR S.A. at the forefront.

PORR - general contractor of innovative, sustainable data centers.

Both the design of a data centre and its erection differ from other construction projects in three key areas: power supply relating to electricity consumption, air conditioning and cooling systems, and security of stored information. Apart from meeting these requirements, the general contractor must ensure the high quality of the work, punctuality and compliance with health and safety regulations. The fulfilment of all these expectations is confirmed by the data centre construction contracts completed by PORR to date.


­PORR has been implementing a Vision Zero strategy for almost a decade. Our main focus is to achieve zero accidents, which we aim to do through regular inspections, continuous training, and a system to report potential hazards and near misses. Complying with health and safety regulations is at the core of our values, and every PORR employee is committed to maintaining safety and quality from day one.

On-time delivery

We prioritize quick and efficient construction by leveraging our extensive experience, simple and flexible structures, and transparency in our operations. Our strong foundation enables us to deliver projects in key industries such as digitalisation, energy transition, and modern industry, which are crucial for the future of the economy.


At PORR S.A., we believe that the construction of the future should be a response to the needs of the market. We keep up with new trends and apply cutting-edge technologies to optimize our processes. By embracing digitalization and automation, we are able to professionalize our staff and extensively use the BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology as a basic tool for investment management at every stage. This helps us reduce paper documentation on construction sites and improve efficiency through the LEAN approach, leading to ongoing investment.

Quality of work

As a general contractor, we focus on sustainable construction practices, including energy efficiency, effective water management, and the use of materials with low environmental impact. We construct BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and WELL-certified (International WELL Building Institute) buildings, which confirm that our office buildings meet specific standards and respect environmental principles. Our sustainable construction practices also aim to minimize construction waste.

Your contact for data center construction.

Tomasz Pachecki Director of region of warsaw
Michał Wrzesiński Data center construction office

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