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PORR Technology Laboratory is a professional service for construction contracts in the field of road, rail, volume and hydraulic engineering. We have laboratories throughout Poland, working up to 24 hours a day. We carry out tests in stationary laboratories and directly at the construction site.

Our watchword is QUALITY.

The scope of the laboratory's activities:

  • Analysis of technical specifications for bidding,
  • Verification of compliance of materials at the stage of production preparation,
  • Quality control of works at successive stages of construction,
  • Design and testing of concrete mixtures,
  • Design and testing of cement-bound mixtures,
  • Design and testing of mineral and bitumen mixtures,
  • Analysis of formulas from external producers,
  • Technology consulting,
  • Development of repair and testing programs,
  • Development of repair programs during the guarantee period,
  • Geotechnical wells,
  • Geological consultations,
  • Expert reports and technology opinions,
  • Ongoing laboratory maintenance of the construction site.
  • Testing of construction products and materials in accordance with Polish and European standards in the scope of:


    • Suitability of aggregates for concrete,
    • Suitability of aggregates for mineral and bitumen mixtures,
    • Suitability of aggregates for unbound and hydraulic binder mixtures,
    • Suitability of aggregates for railroad ballast,
    • Suitability of aggregate for hydraulic engineering works,
    • Properties of mineral and bitumen mixtures,
    • Properties of concrete mixtures,
    • testing of concrete and precast concrete products,
    • cement testing,
    • bitumen testing,
    • limestone testing,
    • testing of finished road pavements.