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Rail construction

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The PORR S.A. portfolio includes projects in railway infrastructure. We possess skills and expertise in the construction, modernisation and maintenance of rail lines – including in technology without backfilling (Slab Track Austria).

PORR’s spectrum of services is complex; it includes both physical construction and project documentation, as well as all necessary consultation work. Depending on our clients’ wishes, we can execute construction projects by supplying the materials ourselves or using the materials provided by the employer. We perform all types of construction work on railway tracks and stations, as well as on engineering structures, train guidance systems, railway communications technology, traction power technology and overhead line networks.

In addition, we do groundwork and corrosion-protection. Since 2011, PORR has actively participated in the programme to modernise Poland’s national rail infrastructure, offering specialist services. The team’s expertise is based on the vast, international experience of the PORR Group.

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Railway construction
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