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The quality and high standard of services provided by the laboratory is confirmed by the Accreditation Certificate No. AB 1689 awarded by the Polish Center for Accreditation. The scope of accredited testing is constantly expanding.

Benefits of accreditation:

  • test reports issued by PCA-accredited units can be recognized by institutions not only in Poland, but also in countries that are signatories to multilateral agreements (MLA/MRA),
  • accreditation is an important argument - sometimes a necessary one - when selecting suppliers in the domestic and international markets,
  • accreditation confirms the reliability of the results,
  • accreditation is objective evidence that organizations operate in accordance with best practice,
  • the accreditation confirms the high quality of services and the competence of the staff,
  • accredited entities provide reliable information on the basis of which decisions can be made.

Scope of testing covered by accreditation.

We invite you to learn more about the current scope of accreditation.

Test subject/product Type of activity / characteristics tested / method Reference documents
Aggregates Particle composition
Scope: (0-80) mm
Sieving method
PN-EN 933-1:2012
Crystal indicator
Scope: (0-63) mm
Schultz caliper method
PN-EN 933-4:2008
Sand equivalent test PN-EN 933-8+A1:2015-07
Particle density and absorbability
Pycnometer method
PN-EN 1097-6:2013-11
Particle density and absorbability
Wire basket method
PN-EN 1097-6:2013-11
Water content PN-EN 1097-5:2008
Resistance to fragmentation
Los Angeles Method
PN-EN 1097-2:2020-09
Sampling PN-EN 932-1:1999 p. 8.8-5:200
Potential alkaline reactivity
Quick method
Concrete mixtures Consistency
Scope: (10-210) mm
Slump test method
PN-EN 12350-2:2011
PN-EN 12350-2:2019-07
Scope: (340-630) mm
Flow table method
PN-EN 12350-5:2011
PN-EN 12350-5:2019-08
Air content
Scope: (0.1-10)%
Pressure method
PN-EN 12350-7:2011
excluding point 4
PN-EN 12350-7:2019-08
excluding point 5
Density PN-EN 12350-6:2011
PN-EN 12350-6:2019-08
Sampling PN-EN 12350-1:2011
PN-EN 12350-1:2019-07
Concrete Compressive strength
Force range: (60-3000) kN
PN-EN 12390-3:2011
PN-EN 12390-3:2011/AC:2012
PN-EN 12390-3:2019-07
Density PN-EN 12390-7:2011
PN-EN 12390-7:2019-08
Resistance to freezing and thawing in the presence of de-icing salts PKN-CEN/TS 12390-9:2017-07
Frost resistance PN-88/B-06250:1988 point 6.5.1
PN-B-06265:2018-10 appendix N
Water permeability PN-88/B-06250
Absorbability PN-88/B-06250
Depth of penetration of pressurized water PN-EN 12390-8:2011
PN-EN 12390-8:2019-08
Bending strength
Force range (2-95) kN
PN-EN 12390-5:2011
PN-EN 12390-5:2019-08
Tensile splitting strength of test specimens
Force range: (50-3000) kN
PN-EN 12390-6:2011
Concrete in construction Sampling PN-EN 12504-1:2011
PN-EN 12504-1:2019-08
Mineral and bitumen mixtures Density in water
Scope: (2.000-2.750) Mg/m3
Method A
PN-EN 12697-5:2010
PN-EN 12697-5:2010/AC:2012
PN-EN 12697-5:2019-01
Volumetric density
Scope: (2.000-2.750) Mg/m3
Method B
PN-EN 12697-6:2012
PN-EN 12697-6:2020-07
Soluble binder content
Scope: (2-10) %
PN-EN 12697-1:2012 p. B.1.2
PN-EN 12697-1:2020-08 p. B.1.7
Scope: (0-45) mm
PN-EN 12697-2:2015-06
PN-EN 12697-2+A1:2019-12
PN-EN 933-1:2012
Sensitivity to water
Method A
PN-EN 12697-12:2018-08
Resistance to deformation under load
Method B, small apparatus (in the air)
PN-EN 12697-22:2008
PN-EN 12697-22:2020-07
Binder flowability
Beaker method
PN-EN 12697-18:2017-07
Binder flowability
Beaker method
PN-EN 12697-8:2005
PN-EN 12697-8:2019-01
Indentation using cube or cylindrical specimens PN-EN 12697-20:2012
PN-EN 12697-20:2020-07
Bitumen and bitumen binders Softening temperature
Ring and ball method
PN-EN 1427:2015-08
Needle penetration PN-EN 1426:2015-08
Soil Grading
Sieving method
Optimum humidity
Maximum bulk density of the soil skeleton
Proctor method
Substrate Modulus of strain
Load range: (0.02 - 0.35) MPa
VSS plate load method
PN-S-02205:1998 appendix B
Pavement construction layers Modulus of strain
Load range: (0.02 - 0.45) MPa
VS plate load method
PN-S-02205:1998 appendix B