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Press release

PORR awarded a demolition contract for 50/52 Wilcza Street in Warsaw

Warsaw, 11.12.2023 - PORR S.A. has been awarded a contract for the demolition of the office building located at 50/52 Wilcza Street. It will be replaced by the first lifestyle Hilton hotel in Poland expected to join the chain’s other six hotels in Warsaw.

Visualisation of the Canopy by Hilton Warsaw Hotel © Hilton

PORR S.A. has signed a contract for the demolition of a building located in the centre of the capital. The project is a particular challenge as the demolition of a 26-metre-high office building located in this area (with very limited space for a construction site as the building is directly adjacent to neighbouring townhouses) requires precision and increased safety measures. In the following stage, the company will construct excavation shoring using Berliner wall technology and VDW pile wall.

The demolished building was built in 1950 and has eight floors above ground. The work is expected to continue until the end of March 2024. The project is worth more than PLN 7 million. The investor, TFG Development, plans to replace the demolished office building with a nine-storey Canopy by Hilton hotel over 25 months.

The demolition also provided an opportunity to promote a sustainable approach to the materials used. In preparation for the main demolition phase, PORR S.A. dismantled 460 windows including frames. In a joint initiative by TFG and the BRDA Foundation, they were donated to the Svoi Lydu organisation in Kherson, Ukraine. 

Facts and figures in a nutshell:

Project type: Demolition of an office building at 50/52 Wilcza Street in Warsaw
Scope of works: Demolition 
Client: TFG Sp. z o.o.
Contractor: PORR S.A.
Contract value: PLN 7 million
Time for evaluation:

March 2024


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