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Press release

Tunnel drilling on S3 route has started

Warsaw, 7.12.2020 – After about three months of works on the construction site of expressway S3 on the construction lot Bolków - Kamienna Góra North, drilling began for the construction of tunnel TS-26. The 2,300-metre-long passage will be Poland’s longest extra-urban tunnel drilled in rock. It is planned to finish works in the second half of 2023. The General Contractor of works is the consortium composed of PORR S.A. (leader) and PORR Bau GmbH.

©PORR, Paweł Raś

Twin-tube tunnel TS-26, with both tubes featuring two traffic lanes going in one direction, will connect the villages Sady Górne, Stare Bogaczowice and Nowe Bogaczowice. For its construction the traditional mining method will be applied and NATM technology (New Austrian Tunnelling Method), in which the orogen together with the installed tunnel lining serve as the load-bearing structure. Following design works, 16 different preliminary lining variations were defined, which are being selected at the stage of work execution depending on the type of soil conditions, as well as additional safety measures, such as, for example, the umbrella arch method. The tunnel will be excavated by means of mechanical mining and mining with explosives.

The constructed TS-26 tunnel will allow to set out the route of expressway S3 across the massif of the Kaczawskie and Wałbrzyskie Mountains. The section built by PORR will span over a length of more than 16 km, featuring two highways, each of which will have two lanes and an emergency lane. For the purpose of task execution, near the village of Gostków, a second, but shorter tunnel will be excavated. The passage created by tunnel TS-32 will be ca. 320 m long and it will be executed by means of the Cut & Cover mining method, the so-called open cut method.

Work progress rate

As soon as the administrative decision on the permission to implement the road investment project (ZRID) was obtained on 21st August 2020, preparatory and subsequently trade-specific works started. Along the whole route dismantling works were carried out and trees and shrubs were cut. 

At present, top soil is being placed, temporary service roads are being built along the route of slip roads, excavations are being carried out all over the two future Rest and Service Areas (MPO) Jaczków and tunnel TS-32.  In addition, earthworks are being conducted at the tunnel portals and scarps are being secured. Environmental, archaeological and geodetic supervision is provided on an ongoing basis. 

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Type of project: Design and construction of road S3 Legnica (A4) - Lubawka, Task III from junction Bolków (without junction) to junction Kamienna Góra North (without junction)
Scope of works: Design & Build 
Client: GDDKiA 
Contractor: PORR S.A. (leader), PORR Bau GmbH (partner)
Time of execution: 56 months



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