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Press release

Topping out at 3T Office Park

Warsaw, 26.08.2020 – Placing a symbolic perch on top of the structure of the office building complex 3T Office Park – the largest office investment project in Gdynia - marked the completion of its building shell. The three towers of 3T Office Park reached their maximum heights – 39, 50 and 39 metres. The investment has been implemented by PORR S.A. since April 2019. It is planned to finish it in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

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The topping out ceremony at 3T Office Park © 3T Office Park

The office building will consist of three towers: two with 10 aboveground storeys and a middle one with 13 storeys, as well as a 2-level underground car park with 420 parking spots. The building’s total cubic volume will equal 240,000 m3 and its total usable floor area – 54,900 m2, whereas the rental area will amount to 38,500 m2.

"We are delighted by the fact, that we have completed the construction of the building shell and that progress in project implementation is according to time schedule. The general contractor’s competencies, the cooperation with subcontractors and the use of our own, multiannual experience on the office market allowed us to create a space tailored to business needs", commented Sergiusz Gniadecki, the office building’s investor, CEO of 3T Office Park Sp. z o.o. 

"The topping out ceremony is a crucial moment for any contractor of an investment project. In the case of 3T Office we feel an even greater satisfaction, because the schedule could be met despite carrying out works under circumstances imposed by the pandemic. Recent months, starting with March, were a challenging time for our team, however the responsible attitude adopted by all the people involved in the implementation – the investor, our employees, suppliers and subcontractors – made and still makes it possible to continue the smooth performance of construction works",  said Dariusz Wietrzyński who is in charge of building construction at PORR S.A.

3T Office Park was awarded a BREEAM Interim certificate with an „Excellent” rate. This means, that the building will meet the highest standards in such areas as management, saving energy, users’ working comfort and the impact on natural environment. 3T Office Park will also be fully accessible for disabled people, for them to work or move around in the building in compliance with the requirements of the foundation named „Integracja”.

3T Office Park is being developed in Kazimierza Górskiego Street in Gdynia, at the meeting point of the districts: Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana and Redłowo. It belongs to one of the fastest developing infrastructual parts not only of Gdynia, but the whole Tri-City in general. The office building will foster the location’s business and office competencies which were until now accumulating in office building complexes situated in Łużycka Street and the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. Furthermore, the surroundings of the office building will include: one of Pomerania’s biggest commercial centres named Riviera, sports and recreational facilities (it is planned to build an Olympic-size swimming pool, the Gdynia Arena, stadiums for soccer and rugby), an aparthotel and a hotel.

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Project type: Construction of the office building complex 3T Office Park
Scope of works: Build 
Client: 3T Office Park Sp. z o.o.
Contractor: PORR S.A.
Delivery time: 24 months 

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