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Press release

We will build a footbridge over Struga Street in Szczecin

Warsaw, 11.12.2023 - Zachodniopomorskie is a province where PORR S.A. completes projects that really connect people and improve their safety. After the flagship construction of the Świnoujście tunnel, the time has come for a smaller challenge but one that is of key importance to the residents of Szczecin. It involves the Szczecin Citizens’ Budget 2021 proposal entitled “Safe Struga - footbridge over Struga Street between Iwaszkiewicza Street and Outlet Park” which received 6,251 votes and won the city-wide project category.

PORR to build a pedestrian and cycle bridge over Struga Street in Szczecin (illustrative photo) © Szczecin City Hall

The community of Szczecin has waited a long time for the construction of the footbridge. It will significantly improve pedestrian and cycle traffic between the areas of right-bank Szczecin that are separated by a busy arterial road. In November, we signed a contract to start the work.

Under it, we will develop comprehensive, multi-discipline design documentation and obtain the necessary agreements and decisions needed for the construction work. The project will include the construction of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over Struga Street with ramps and stairs, and the construction/reconstruction of pavements, cycle paths, roadways and pedestrian crossings to connect with the existing infrastructure. In terms of associated infrastructure, lighting and rainwater drainage will be provided. The works will also include the reconstruction of conflicting underground and above-ground infrastructure.

The value of the task is more than PLN7 million gross. The planned completion date for the construction works is 17 months from the contract date.

Facts and figures in a nutshell:

Project type: Construction of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over Struga Street
Scope of works:

Design & Build

Client: Municipality of Szczecin
Contractor: PORR S.A.
Contract value: PLN 7 million net
Time for evaluation: May 2025

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