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Expressway S2, southern bypass of Warsaw, Konotopa – Airport Okecie

Photo: Expressway S2 - the brightly-lit road at night; slip roads in the background
Facts and Figures
Company PORR Polska Infrastructure S.A in consortium
PrincipalGeneralna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad
LocationWarsaw - Poland
Type Road construction, Large-scale projects
Runtime09.2009 - 01.2014

Important section of Warsaw southern bypass

PORR has built three junctions on the 10.44 km section of the S2 between Konotopa and Warsaw Airport, as part of the 3rd stage of works by the consortium. Two of the junctions were inserted into the existing road system, which was modified to incorporate them. The third was built from scratch alongside the newly-constructed Salomea-Wolica Street (S8). The project included a total of 24 new civil engineering projects including bridges and flyovers both as part of the route and over the route, as well as pedestrian bridges and tunnels.

It also encompassed the construction or alteration of water pipes, power lines - including three high voltage overhead lines - electrical substations, telecommunications lines both above and below ground, gas mains, a ground improvement system and railway infrastructure.