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Press release

GDDKiA selects PORR as contractor to expand bridges in Greater Poland

Warsaw, 28.11.2022 - PORR S.A.'s bid has been recognized by the General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways as the most favorable in the tender for the extension of the bridge over the Gwda River and the bridge over the Noteć River in the course of DK11 in Ujście (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The value of the contract is nearly PLN 57 million gross. Time for execution of the task was set at 36 months, excluding winter periods.

Bridge over the Gwda River in Ujście © GDDKiA

For both bridges, the contract first provides for the construction of two temporary crossings next to them to ensure the continuity of communications during the works. The existing bridges will be demolished and replaced with new structures of higher performance.

As a result of the expansion, the bridges will receive a higher load-bearing class and improve their utility value. The equipment elements of the new constructions, in particular a 3.5 m wide pedestrian and bicycle path, a 1.5 m wide sidewalk and road safety barriers, will improve safety and increase the comfort of road users.

As part of the contract, PORR will also rebuild an approximately 500-meter section of national road no. 11 between the bridges. The upgrade work will include widening existing sidewalks. The adopted solutions will increase the technical, operational and utility parameters of the reconstructed road section. 

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Project type: Expansion of the bridge over the Gwda River and the bridge over the Noteć River within DK11 in Ujście       
Scope of works: Design & Build 
Client: General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways 
Contractor: PORR S.A. 
Contract value: Approximately PLN 57 million gross
Time for execution: 36 months

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