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Press release

PORR will design and build an underpass on the west side of the Warszawa Gdańska station

Warsaw, March 27, 2024 - A new underpass at the Warszawa Gdańska station will be built, facilitating travelers' access to platforms and trains, as well as improving transfers to public transport. PORR S.A. has been selected as the contractor for the 10-meter-wide and nearly 100-meter-long facility, a link to the station and the subway, and infrastructure that will improve accessibility for people with limited mobility. The task, worth nearly PLN 80 million net, will be completed in 21 months.


Nearly four months after the deadline for the submission of bids, PORR signed a contract with PKP PLK for one of the key investments improving traveler safety. Growing passenger traffic and the fact that Warszawa Gdańska is to take over handling most of the long-distance traffic during the modernization of the cross-city line are the key reasons for the decision to build the underpass.

As part of the contract, design work will be carried out and an underpass will be built under the tracks on Line 20, with a length of about 91 meters, along with a connector of about 90 meters. Four elevators and 6 pairs of escalators will be built to improve the accessibility of the facility. At the same time, platform No. 5 will be extended to 300 meters, and signage with a tactile path system will be introduced to facilitate the blind and visually impaired. Long shelters will appear over platforms 2,3,4 and 5 to protect waiting passengers from changing weather conditions. In addition, the contract will also include work on power engineering, rail traffic control and telecommunications, including the expansion of the Central System for Dynamic Passenger Information and the Video Surveillance System.

The value of the ongoing task is PLN 79,937,000.00 net. The planned completion date for the construction work is 21 months from the date of the agreement.

Facts and figures at a glance:

Project type: Design and execution of construction works under the investment task entitled: “Construction of the western passage under the tracks at Warszawa Gdańska station”
Scope of works: Design & Build
Client: PKP PLK S.A.
Contractor: PORR S.A.
Contract value: Ca PLN 80 million net
Time for execution: 21 months 

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