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Press release

PORR contractor for the next section of DK22

Warsaw, 16.08.2022 - The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways has signed a contract with PORR S.A. for the expansion of National Road No. 22 on the section Knybawa - Gnojewo (Pomeranian Voivodeship). The value of the contract is more than 115 million zlotys. The project will take 19 months to complete (until September 2024).

PORR contractor for extension of DK22 Knybawa - Gnojewo © PORR

The task entrusted to PORR includes the expansion of the road between the villages of Knybawa and Gnojewo on a section of about 5.6 kilometers. The concrete slabs that make up the current surface will be dismantled, and a new road structure will be built in their place. On its two sections, the cross-section of the road will have a 2+1 layout - two lanes each in one direction and one lane in the opposite direction (for overtaking).

As part of the task, service roads will be built, intersections will be rebuilt, and a traffic light will be installed in Kończewice at the intersection with the roads to Mątowice and Lisewo. The work also includes the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle path along the entire stretch.In addition, the drainage system, road lighting and a process channel will be rebuilt along the road. The culverts under the national road will also be rebuilt.

Another section of the DK22

The expansion of the road between Knybawa and Gnojewo is the second contract being carried out as part of the DK 22. As part of the contract signed with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in June this year, PORR is also responsible for the expansion of National Road 22 between the Chojnice bypass and Czersk. The work is being carried out on a stretch of more than 22 kilometers and will be completed by June 2024.


Facts and figures in a nutshell

Project type: Extension of the DK22 on the section Knybawa - Gnojewo
Scope of works: Build
Client: GDDKiA
Contractor: PORR S.A. 
Contract value: PLN 115 million gross
Time for execution: September 2024

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