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Press release

PORR will build the Kołobrzeg connector on DK11

Warsaw, 8.08.2022 - The General Directorate of National Roads and Motorways has signed a contract with PORR S.A. for the construction of a section of the DK11, connecting the Kołobrzeg Wschód interchange with the Janiska traffic circle. The contract, worth more than PLN 56 million, will be completed within 14 months (excluding winter periods). The investment will provide better communication between Kołobrzeg and the S6 expressway.

PORR contractor for the construction of DK11 on the section of the Janiska intersection - Kołobrzeg Wschód interchange © GDDKiA

Construction work will start from the Janiska (named after Jerzy Pilch) traffic circle located along the DK11 and end at the Kołobrzeg Wschód interchange on the S6 expressway. The new section will be built as a dual carriageway GP (fast traffic trunk) class road with two lanes in each direction and a length of 1.5 kilometers. At the intersection with Bolesława Chrobrego Street in Kołobrzeg, which is the road in the direction of the town of Budzistowo, an overpass will be built along DK11.  

The route will be equipped with noise barriers along a 732-meter stretch. The contract also includes planting greenery on the slope and at the base of the embankment, as well as planting the screens with climbing plants. The road will be equipped with traffic safety devices (BRD), such as guardrails and light guards. A new bicycle path of about 850 meters will also be built. 

The full scope of work covered by the contract will be completed within 14 months (excluding the winter periods from December 16 to March 15). The new section will be put into service in April 2024.

New connection to the port of Kołobrzeg

The investment will connect the Kołobrzeg Wschód interchange, on the S6 expressway, with the section of the Kołobrzeg bypass along the DK11, which was put into service three years ago, and the access to the Port of Kołobrzeg, which was completed by the local government in earlier years. According to the Szczecin branch of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, the construction of the road will take transit traffic out of the center of Kołobrzeg and improve the connection to the port. The new route will allow the completion of the target national road system in the Kołobrzeg area.  

Facts anbd figures in a nutshell

Project type: Construction of DK on the section of Janiska traffic circle  - Kołobrzeg Wschód  
Scope of works: Build
Client: GDDKiA
Contractor: PORR S.A. 
Contract value: PLN 56.3 million 
Time for execution: April 2024

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