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Press release

PORR won the contract for LOT A

Warsaw, 18.12.2020, PORR S.A. and the Polish State Railways (PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.) signed the contract for the „Development of the design documentation and execution of construction works in the Design and Build system for the task called LOT A – Works on railway line 131 in section Chorzów Batory (km 5,900) – Nakło Śląskie (km 29,000) under the 5.1-14 POIiŚ Project called „Works on railway line C-E 65 in section Chorzów Batory – Tarnowskie Góry – Karsznice – Inowrocław – Bydgoszcz – Maksymilianowo”. The net worth of the contract signed today is PLN 1,24 bn net (EUR 251 m).

201218 Signing the contract for LOT A

PKP PLK Signing (f.l.t.r.): Jerzy Dul (PKP PLK SA, Deputy Director of the Silesian Region), Siegfried Weindok (Member of the Board PORR S.A.) ©PORR

The procurement object comprises the design and reconstruction of the 23-kilometre-long double-track section of railway line no. 131 which belongs to the network of AGTC and TEN-T’s line. Under the contract, in a highly urbanized area with mining damage, the following will be built: 77 km of tracks, almost 200 railway switches, 15 platforms and - what is especially significant in view of the line’s length – as many as 66 engineering structures. Furthermore, the scope of the task includes the replacement of devices belonging to railway traffic control and telecommunication, the traction line and the traction power supply, non-traction power engineering. In addition, while modernizing the Silesian section of the so-called Main Coal Line, passenger service facilities will be renovated, including 15 platforms and the passenger information system. It is noteworthy, that a new railway stop - Chorzów Uniwersytet – will be built, and the stop Bytom Północny will be moved to a more accessible area. 

PORR S.A. was one in four companies applying for the award of the contract for LOT A. The basic scope of works is to be completed within 41 months. Guarantee services will be provided over a period of 72 months after finalisation of works. The contract also provides for the option to enter into post-guarantee maintenance service contracts over a period of 9 years (option right 1, PLN 14,089,739.40) and to provide services regarding changes in railway traffic control device interfaces (option right 2, PLN 2,190,170.42). The investment project also provides for a contingency fund worth PLN 111,830,000.00.

Currently, PORR S.A. is carrying out 9 Projects for PKP PLK S.A. worth in total more than PLN 3 bn. Today’s signed contract serves as proof of PORR’s high competence in running complex and sophisticated railway infrastructure investment projects. Following the conclusion of the contract, a wide range of measures will be implemented covering the whole investment process, starting from the design, up to the execution and post-guarantee services, which will allow to fully exploit the available potential and competencies.

The task will be completed within 41 months as of entering into contract. „We are satisfied to sign such a significant contract. It gives us reason for contentment, but it is also an important commitment. For a decade now, we have been developing in Poland PORR’s brand value in the railway construction industry, and by winning and performing contracts we endeavour to be a reliable business partner for the key investor - PKP PLK” – said Piotr Kledzik, President of PORR S.A.’s Management Board.

Facts and figures in a nutshell

Type of project:Design and build works for railway line no. 131, LOT A, Chorzów Batory - Naklo Śląskie
Scope:Design & Build 
Client:PKP PLK S.A.
Contractor:PORR S.A. 
Time of execution:41 months



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