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InterContinental Warszawa

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Projekt und Hochbau AG
Principal Sienna Hotel Sp.z o.o.
Location Warsaw - Poland
Type High rise buildings, Hotels
Runtime 04.2001 - 11.2003

New landmark for Warsaw

Impressive both in terms of its height and its geometry, Hotel InterContinental Warszawa is located in the very centre of Warsaw, not far from the Palace of Culture and the Warsaw Financial Centre which had also been built by PORR. At 150m, it is one of the tallest hotels in Poland. This 5-star hotel’s distinct architectural style with its outstanding open space on the lower levels is based on building constraints that stipulated that the residential units located behind the hotel had to receive a certain minimum of sunlight. This task’s solution turned out one highly specific challenge for our engineers and, at the same time, contributed to the structure’s appeal.

In the context of this project, PORR was responsible for the turn-key-ready construction of the building based on a design and build contract. The construction time of a mere 32 months brought with it numerous challenges for the construction management and logistics. Design capacities were in great demand over the entire course of construction.

The building features five different car park levels, followed by the plinth storeys which house all “front-of-house” areas. On top of that rises the tower area which first starts in a trapezoidal cross-section which expands to an almost squared cross-section on the 21st floor. The tower area houses the guest rooms as well as the larger “long-stay” apartments.

Particularly impressive on the plinth storeys is the atrium which extends across five storeys and, through a glass roof, provides an impressive bottom view of the 21st storey located some 75m above. When it comes to the design of the bars, restaurants, the ball room and the conference room situated in these areas, no expenses were spared regarding architectural and creative ideas as well as elaborate and rare materials. The gym area and the pool on the 44th floor are just as impressive, the latter – visibility provided – offers unforgettable views of Warsaw during the day and at night.