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OCEAN Centre of Excellence

Facts and Figures
Company PORR Polska S.A.
Principal Warsaw University
Location Warsaw - Poland
Type Public buildings, Data Center
Runtime 04.2015 - 11.2015

A modern Centre of Excellence for the University of Warsaw

The building erected for the University of Warsaw, “OCEAN: an open centre for data analysis and centre of excellence” has a total floor space of 7,665 m2 over three floors.

The project planned to deliver a closed cuboid structure, with its main entrance in a recessed glass wall adding an accent. A special architectural feature is the sheet steel façade with its patinised copper cladding.

The ground floor comprises the entrance lobby and reception, offices, a meeting room, sanitary facilities, social areas and staircase.
On the 1st floor are server support and reserve and sanitary rooms.

The technical part of the building houses two emergency power generators to ensure the building has a stable supply of energy, and cooling systems where the air conditioning is located that provides the precise environmental conditions required by the server rooms. This part of the building also contains the MS and NS rooms, a transformer and IT connections, along with a small dressing room and washroom for technical service staff. 

The highly technical inner life of the Centre of Excellence is reflected in the design of the façade, dominated as it is by tiny glass panels. Along the long side of the building it is planned to have separate so-called “technological terraces”.

  • Gross floor area: 7,665 m2
  • Built-up area: 3,535 m2
  • Usable floor space: 6,077 m2
  • Enclosed space: 31,627 m2
  • Building height 14.2 m